Are you someone who is hungry to dive head first into the world of business and entrepreneurship? Young Start-Up Talent want to feed that craving and create something great by offering a seven day workshop for international students, packed with everything there is to know about starting a business. We’re reaching out to young people from all over the world to spend a week in the UK on an inspirational week long course designed for those with an entrepreneurial flair.
Having worked with over 60,000 young people across the UK, Young Start-up Talent are now branching out to offer a wealth of knowledge to young business minds from all over the world. We are offering international students and young budding entrepreneurs abroad, the opportunity to experience a seven day workshop packed with business expertise. We will be welcoming international business heads to Young Start-Up Talent for a week of in-depth, strategic business planning and start-up know how.
The week will consist of thought provoking exercises to help with idea generation, introduction to speed networking and the sharing of ideas followed by presentation and media training. We will be taking a look at research, social media, marketing and good communications, legal issues and help with financials.
Various guest speakers and visitors will be involved throughout the week to inspire and coach those entrepreneurial minds, providing invaluable advice. Speakers will include:
  • Successful young entrepreneurs
  • Marketing and social media experts
  • Legal and financial experts
  • Potential investors/venture capitalists
By the end of the experience every participant will possess a strong, concise business plan, including a 12 month strategic strategy on how they are going to start their business either in their own country or here in the UK.
The cost for the week will be £2,400 and includes accommodation, food, workshops and trips.
For further information please contact a member of the team:
Telephone:  01293 817 248