What do I need to do to enter?
 Fill in form and/or video uplink needs to be three minutes long.

Can I enter as a joint enterprise?
Yes, although we do ask that if you choose to do so, the group is no more than five people strong. By way of example, a pair of young entrepreneurs, James and Tom achieved success in 2010 with their ‘Recyclabook’ business.

I already own and run a business of my own, can I still enter?
Yes you can still enter even if you have already established your own business. Entrants may be looking to Young Start-up Talent to help provide a further basis of support to grow the business to the next level.

I have several different business ideas, can I make more than one application?
Yes, the same applicant can submit more than one idea, provided it is distinctly different and separate from any prior applications.

I am not new to Young Start-up Talent and have made an application before in previous years, can I still enter this year?
Yes, however this is conditional on a couple of things. Firstly the application must be new and original, i.e. different from the previous entry. Also please note that previous finalists/winners will not be permitted to enter.

When is the closing date?
The closing date varies according to which area you are applying from. Please see relevant part of the website for the exact dates.