Young Start-up Talent spend a great deal of time working alongside students and liaising with the local business community, in this time we have discovered a demand for a service that can work seamlessly alongside the school curriculum in order to give youngsters some first-hand experience of what it takes to start-up and run a business.
We have created a set of educational, exciting entrepreneurial Boot Camp sessions to be tailored to students needs in order to further develop their internal academic studies. Working within the South East since 2010, we have spoken to thousands of students who want to push their skills and business knowhow to the next level – now is their chance.
The interactive sessions are provided by skilled business professionals who have years of experience themselves working in a variety of large and small companies and many of whom started their own businesses.
We hold all day workshops to promote talent development, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and communication. We try and touch on the whole spectrum of business ranging from marketing and media, financial and legal aspects to the very core of business planning. Our workshops range from a one hour to a six week course which includes a workshop every week.
Schools, Colleges and Universities have thrived in our workshops with teachers being pleasantly surprised by the wealth of entrepreneurial flair within their students. We encourage schools to not only allow this opportunity for their business students but for the whole year group, as we find creative ideas come from many differing skill sets and study groups. For students who are unsure about their future career choices, would like to gain experience, knowledge, broaden and build their portfolio, this is ideal for them.
If you’re enthusiastic about bridging the gap between your students and the wider community, you can enable them to receive first hand advice in an enjoyable, interactive and educational way by trying Young Start-up Talent’s boot camp and workshops. For more information please contact a member of the team on 01293 817 248 or visit




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